Points: Gifts for donating (totes, calendars, pins, etc.).

Pregame: Find a news story by Googling your date of birth, your birth state, and either “man” or “woman” a la “Florida man.”

Round 1: All Pomes Considered.
Pass a type of interviewee to the pomist above you alphabetically. Write out the interview between a reporter and this interviewee using a sedoka about your news story from the pregame. Write your first stanza (question) to your interviewee and pass it to the pomist below you alphabetically. You will then answer this passed question with your second stanza as your gifted interviewee.

Round 2: Air Freislighe.
Pass a type of entertainment profession, such as musician, artist, writer, etc. to the pomist below you. Next pass a noteworthy achievement to the pomist above you. Write an Ae Freislighe poem about earning this achievement from the perspective of your creative professional role.

Round 3: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell-merick me!
Write two limericks where you tell one true news story and one made-up one, and the other pomists will guess which one is made up, so make both sound unbelievable.