Points: Amounts of string to tie your clues and map together.

Round 1: Cold, dark, and handsome.
Pass a place that is cold to the pomist alphabetically above you. Write a chueh-chu about this place, its sights and sounds, and looking for Bobby — unsuccessfully. All he’s left behind is an article of clothing.

Round 2: Hotty body Bobby.
Pass a hot place to the person alphabetically below you, and your piece of clothing from round 1 to the pomist above you. Write a huitain about this hot place and looking for Bobby who is not wearing this piece of clothing since he left it in back round 1. Turns out he took off this clothing so he could take off with an item that he stole from this place. Include the place he stole it from (famous landmark of your place?), but not the item since it was taken!

Round 3: Hi, anagramma!
Take your two clues from rounds 1 and 2 and put them together to figure out a final destination for where Bobby is. Write 5 lines using only the letters of the city/country you think he’s in based on your clues so you can issue a warrant. (For example, if you think Bobby is in Iceland, you can use the words “dial,” “lance,” “Allen,” etc., so long as the letters you’re using are in the place you think Bobby is.)