Points: Ghosts haunting the manor.

Pregame: Think of your favorite/spookiest Halloween costume you’ve worn.

Round 1: Foy-yay?
Pass a nonsensical phrase of six syllables to the pomist above you alphabetically. Write a Double Dactyl poem about this noise (six-syllable phrase passed to you) you heard and what we see in the foyer of Pomes Manor.

Round 2: There’s the Door.
Pass a type of entryway to the pomist below you alphabetically. Write a tanka about a mysterious object that you can’t see, but only feel in the room after you enter the entryway. Use descriptive language and make it creepy or eerie and in line with your entryway.

Round 3: Skeltons and skeletons.
Write a skeltonic verse poem about being chased through Pomes Manor by the manifestation of your Halloween costume from the warmup round, while avoiding a creature (passed to you by the pomist alphabetically above you) and a trap (passed to you by the pomist alphabetically below you).