Points: Tickets.

Pregame: Make up a name for your DJ personality.

Round 1: Play that funky music.
Think of a random song request (like a song about germs and anxiety). Pick a genre of music to write that song in.
1) Rock ‘n’ Roll: Bob and Wheel
2) Jazz: Abstract
3) Rap: Nasher
4) Pop: Cinquain
5) Blues: Chant
6) Country: Rime couee
7) Opera: Stornello
8) Emo: Elegy

Round 2:Traff-icky.
Pass a reason for a traffic jam to the pomist above you alphabetically. Then write a Fibonacci poem in reverse (8/5/3/2/1/1 syllables) as if you’re high above in a helicopter reporting on this traffic jam.

Round 3: POME means PO Me.
Pass a type of interpersonal relationship problem to the pomist below you alphabetically. Write a prose poem about this issue as if you’re calling in to a radio show without giving anyone time to butt in with their opinions because you’re so PO’d.