Points: Car parts.

Pregame: Pick a hobby and other pomists will decide what car is best associated with that hobby.

Round 1: Car troubles.
Pass an issue that a car can have to each other pomist. Take your gifted issues and write an endecha about your car, as if we’re trying to get Xzibit to choose you to be on the show.

Round 2: Flip My Pome.
Pass all of your issues from Round 1 to the pomist alphabetically below you. Write a toddaid as you try and fix these gifted issues for the other pomist. If you’re not sure how to fix one of the car’s problems, just cover it up with a nice paint job or some other equally distracting thing.

Round 3: Yo, Dawg, I heard you like Pomes.
Pass a noun to the pomist alphabetically above you and a verb to the pomist alphabetically below you, related to their respective hobbies. Then, you’ll put a pome in a pome so you can pome while you pome. Here is a toddaid inside an endecha:

Line 1 7 syllables (a)
Line 2 9 syllables (b)
Line 3 10 syllables (c) end syllable rhyme middle line 4
Line 4 7 syllables (d) 
Line 5 7 syllables (e)
Line 6 9 syllables (d)
Line 7 10 syllables (f) end syllable rhyme middle 8
Line 8 11 syllables (b)