Points: Rounds of applause. Describe what round object your amount of applause could be represented as.

Pregame: Pass a celebrity (alive or dead) to the pomist to your left and right.

Round 1: Celeb Poets.
Take one of your celebrities from the pregame and write a limerick about how excited they are to be here at the Pomies.

Round 2: In Award.
Pass out an award to one other pomist for all of their hard work (examples include, MIP – Most Improved Pomist, Pomitzer Prize, MC Award (for those with initials MC), Potty Award (Pomist of the Year, with second t as typo) ).
After receiving your gifted award, write an ode to whoever or whatever you want, thanking them for the award.

Round 3: Like a slap to the face.
Pass an unexpected event that could happen at the awards ceremony. Write a paradelle about this unexpected event, including an onomatopoeia that represents this unexpected happening.