Points: Objects you can see from where you’re sitting, that may or may not be able to be used in a sexual manner.

Round 1: B, D, S, or M.
Choose one letter (B, D, S, or M) and then pass another pomist a word that begins with that letter. Write the bottom half of a Mistress Bradstreet poem where you allude to this word but don’t explicitly use it, as it is your safe word used during a BDSM experience.

Round 2: Bottoms Up.
Determine the opposite of your safe word from round 1 and pass it to the pomist underneath you (alphabetically). Write about your dominatrix experience with this gifted word as your domination specialty as an upside down Haiku Sonnet, where your first two lines (the couplet) is the 12-syllable last line from your round 1 poem.

Round 3: Orgy Glad to See Me?
Write an Exquisite Corpse about escaping an orgy, using as many of the points and gifted words you’ve acquired.