Points: Things you can share with others.

Round 1: Man or monster?
Write a clerihew to introduce yourself as the newest monster on Sesame Street. Pass a number between 1 and 5 to get inspiration for your monstrous self.

  1. Elmo: Use preschool vocabulary.
  2. Cookie monster: Have an addiction.
  3. Rosita: Use Spanglish.
  4. Big bird: Write like you’re talking down to everyone.
  5. Oscar: Use grouchy, trash words.

Round 2:  I wonder. What if? Let’s Pome!
First, pass something you wonder about to the pomist alphabetically above you: “I wonder how…”. Next, pass a solution to your gifted wondering back to the pomist alphabetically below you: “What if we…”.
Write a Bop describing your gifted problem, how you try to solve it with your gifted solution, and if you’re successful.

Round 3: Letter letter, number number, echo echo
Pass a number between 1-13 to the pomist alphabetically above you and one to the pomist below you. Add them together to get a number that corresponds to the alphabet (a=1, z=26). This letter will need to be in every word of your poem as it’s the letter of the day. Choose one of the two numbers you were given which will be syllable count for the lines in your echo poem, as the number of the day.
Write an echo poem about what it’s like to be a puppet when you’re not on Sesame Street.