Points: Things that come in threes.

Round 1: Let’s Tri-angle!

Describe how your infatuation with triangles began with the simplest shape: a line, then to a two sided shape, and then a three sided shape. Pass something that is made of triangles or looks like a triangle to the pomist below you. Write an ode to a Mobius strip in one line (a); then couplet to a digon (two-sided shape) (bb); and finally, a tercet to your gifted triangle shape in three lines (cdc).

Round 2:  Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama.
Write a terza rima in which we slowly go mad over all of the triangles and threes that we see in the world. However, every second (non-rhyming) line in your tercets will be from the triangle’s point of view.

Round 3: Polyamorousagons
Pick a shape with more sides than a triangle. Pass that shape to two other pomists. Write a terzanelle about your polyamorous love triangle with these three shapes (your shape and your two gifted shapes).