Points: Cures for zombie apocalypses that don’t/won’t work.

Round 1: It was a living.
Pass an occupation to the pomist to your right. Next, pass noun related to that occupation to the pomist to your left. Your gifted occupation will be what you did before the zombie apocalypse started and your gifted noun will be how your apocalypse started. Write a free verse poem about how you lived before the pandemic as if you were introducing yourself to the last other person in the world and you’ve started monologuing. Insert emotional montage here…

Round 2:  Endure and survive.
Pass a place for a date to the pomist on your left. That pomist will then give you a complication for that place due to your zombie apocalypse. (For example, if you said Taco Bell, the complication may be that the Mexican pizza is out of stock again or that there’s only diablo hot sauce packets left after raiders ransacked it.) Write a sonnet about your date and the complications you’ve run into. However, there is one further complication: since this is a wasteland you can only scavenge what’s around you for this date, so you can only use words from your round one pome (as well as the place name and complication word(s)).

Round 3: Once bitten, nine shy
You’ve been infected and are slowly becoming a zombie. Write a nonet about becoming a zombie with an opposite nonet (syllable count 1-9) between each of your nonet lines with guttural zombie sounds. So the poem’s syllable count will be 9-1-8-2-7-3, etc. with the 1-2-3… lines as zombie noises.