Points: Fancy décor for the restaurant.

Warmup: Hors d’oeuvres – One at a time one pomist will name a food, another pomist will say what that food is wrapped in, and the last pomist will say what all of that is served on top of.

Pregame: Choose a number between 1 and 6, which will determine the cuisine of your restaurant for all of your pomes:
1 – Italian
2 – French
3 – German
4 – Australian
5 – Chinese
6 – Antarctican

Round 1: Appetizer.
Write down your choice of appetizer in your cuisine’s language and pass it to the pomist to your left (who will be your waiter). The waiter will then pass back a translation, which will be the appetizer that you ordered (or not–maybe the waiter can’t read that language either). Write a schuttelreim about what your expectations for your appetizers were and what you got.

Round 2:  Soup/Salad du jour.
Pass one ingredient from your cuisine to the pomist above you and one to the pomist below you. One of these ingredients is in your soup and one in your salad, and include one of your cuisine’s ingredients in your meal, too. Write a triolet about your salad and soup.

Round 3: Main course.
Make up a new dish using ingredients from your two previous pomes as well as a sea urchin (from the so-called Iron Chef) for your protein. Write a chueh-chu about what may be our final meal, depending on how good of a cook you are.

Round 3.5: Dessert

What would you want your deserted dessert island to be made of?