Points: Designer beach towels.

Pregame: Choose a cardinal direction: northwest, northeast, southwest, or southeast, which correspond to rocky & cold beach, sandy & cold beach, rocky & warm beach, and sandy & warm beach respectively. Let this type of beach inform your pomes. And then give a name to your beach.
Finally, choose a beach personality:

  1. muscle head
  2. beach bum
  3. surfer dude
  4. suntanner
  5. crab
  6. seaweed monster
  7. lifeguard
  8. nudist
  9. Coppertone logo kid
  10. Aquaman

Round 1: Kingdom s’and castles.
Write a duplex pome about the type of sand castle you built, integrating your beach personality and type of beach you’re on.

Round 2: Can you dig it?
Write a Golden Shovel poem using the first line of the pomist’s pome from the first round who is alphabetically above you as you beachcomb and look for treasure.

Round 3: Top Gun Volleyball
Pass a disaster that could happen on the beach (other than a tsunami) to the pomist below you alphabetically. Write a quintilla to describe this volleyball game while dealing with your personal beach disaster.