Points: Buried treasure (items found naturally underground).

Pregame: Choose one pirate handicap:

Eye patch – at most one “i” per line
Peg leg – include a type of wood in pome
Hook hand – add (extra) refrain/chorus as a repeated line in pome
Parrot – echo syllables

Round 1: PoXme.
Pass the name of an island to the pomist to your left. Write a five line list poem to plan our sea adventure with the caveat that you must include an “X” somewhere in your poem, along with the place you were given. Also include your pirate handicap constraint.

Round 2:  Knot-ical Miles.
Write a tripadi about your nautical journey as a captain’s log. Write as many as you need for your journey to reach your destination from Round 1. Pick two numbers between 1-8, which are dangers you’ll run into. And don’t forget your pirate handicap!

1. The Navy
2. Rival pirates
3. Whirlpool
4. Sea monster
5. Coral reef
6. Mutiny
7. Scurvy
8. Mermaids

Round 3: Treasure, oh my treasure.
Pass a noun from your Round 2 pome to the pomist on your right. Write a Catena Rondo pome about the treasure that you’ve found (the noun), as a sort of pirate shanty, in three stanzas.