Points: Bits and/or bytes.

Pregame: Load up ChatGPT (https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt).

Round 1: The data bank Heise-st!
Pick a role (below) and randomly assign one to ChatGPT (but don’t say which one it got).

Inside man
The Muscle
The Driver
The Hacker
The Looks

Write a cinquain about how you’re casing the database of the AI which you will infiltrate in your separate roles. Ask ChatGPT to write one as well, though when you read the pomes, try not to give away who wrote which one and guess which one was ChatGPT.

Round 2: One plus one equates to love.
Pass your favorite robot or android fictional character to the pomist on your left, fitting ChatGPT in-between two pomists somewhere. Write six lines with the rhyme scheme of ababab, with seven words in each line, and the fourth word of each is “love.” When you’re done, you will have love running down the middle of the tunnel/pome. This pome will be about a “tunnel of love” experience, which is to say something that couples do in the dark that they can’t do in public.

Round 3: Exquisite Squash mankind.
Write an exquisite corpse with ChatGPT in order to hunt down the resistance of man led by Connor “John” Miller (John Connor). One person writes a line, passes it to ChatGPT, who responds, then the next pomist responds to ChatGPT’s response, etc.