Points: Movie theater concessions.

Pregame: Choose a real poet, living or dead, who will be the PILFs of PILF Manor–one for each of the pomists playing.

Round 1: The next big hit!
Pass a movie to the pomist to your left. Flip a coin, if heads you’ll write a sequel to this movie and if tails you’ll write a remake of this movie. Write an elevator pitch for why your sequel/remake needs to be written as three hay(na)ku, one for each act in your film.

Round 2: Executive pomists.
Pass one of your 3 hay(na)ku from round 1 to the pomist on your right, which will replace their same hay(na)ku (so if act one their act one, etc.) Stitch your new three haynaku together. Next, choose a year between 1960 and 2023. Then select that year and motion picture star: https://walkoffame.com/browse-stars/ Pass the actor you chose to the pomist on your left, who is the new lead actor for that pomist’s movie.

With this new script/actor, you’ll now write two cinquains about how the movie has now changed due to producer interference and how you hope to salvage it.

Round 3: The box office.
Flip a coin, if heads your movie is a smash hit and if tails then it flopped. Now write half of a dizain (five lines with five syllables each, with rhyme scheme ababb) as if doing a press interview after a showing of your successful/unsuccessful movie.