Points: Drama you inflict on your fellow reality TV stars.

Pregame: Choose a real poet, living or dead, who will be the PILFs of PILF Manor–one for each of the pomists playing.

Round 1: What the F?
Choose one of the four biological F’s: Fighting, fleeing, feeding, fornicating. This f-word will be your goal for coming onto PILF Manor. Write a flamenca as an audition tape to introduce yourself and your goal for coming on the show. Every line of your pome should include at least one word with an “f.”

Round 2:  Where the F?
Everyone writes down one room of a manor. Next you’ll go on one date with each of the poets in one room each, keeping your goal for the show in mind. Choose which poet you’ll date in each of the rooms. Pass a complication for one of the rooms to the pomist on your left, which will complicate their date in that room. Write a cascade for your dates (one stanza for each of the dates). Again, every line of your pome should include at least one word with an “f.”

Round 3: Why the F?
Choose which of the poets you’d like to marry based on your dates from Round 2. Write your wedding vows to them as four lines (aabb), again at least one word with an “f” in each line.
After writing your vows, flip a coin to see if the poet says yes (heads) or no (tails). Then write two more lines of ab if they say yes, and ba if they say no, about the acceptance or rejection.