Points: Embarrassing photos at the family reunion of other family members.

Pregame: Pick your relationship to the other pomists as a combination of one adjective and one relationship word. Some examples are below:

Friend ofSister
Great greatSon
Twice removedUnknown

Round 1: Family Pomeluck.
Pass one food ingredient to the pomist on your left. You’ll also pass a type of dishware/container to the pomist on your right. This ingredient needs to be included in the food you brought to this potluck in the container you were given, but you also need to make the food. You’ll show off your food and entice the others to try it as a limerick.

Round 2:  Pomes Family Three.
Pick one more adjective and one more family relationship, which is who you’ll be partnered up with for a three-legged race. Write two waka, where the first two lines of each waka will be for you; the third and fourth lines for your partner; and the fifth lines will be you together as you run the race.

Round 3: An Exquisitely Embarrassing Pome.
Write an exquisite corpse where you tell overlapping, exaggerated tales about each other, deflecting when it comes to be about you.