Points: Alien death matches.

Round 1: A Distress Call.
Pass a disaster to the pomist across from you. Write a concrete pome to describe the disaster that has befallen this ship, with the shape of your pome being the disaster you were gifted.

Round 2: Doppel-dangers.
Write one line and pass it to the pomist alphabetically below you, which represents your doppelganger’s first move. Write a six line palindrome pome with your other lines mirroring the meter and form of the gifted line. Plus the disaster from round one is still happening, so make sure to include that.

Round 3: Quadcubed
Write a four stanza pome composed of four lines each, with four words in each line, but with the following complications, to defeat your mirrored selves and escape your disaster.

1 Line 1

2 Line 2

3 Line 3

4 Line 4

5 Reverse of Line 1

6 Reverse of Line 2

7 Line 7

8 Line 8

9 Line 9

10 Line 10

11 Reverse of Line 3

12 Reverse of Line 4

13 Reverse of Line 9

14 Reverse of Line 10

15 Reverse of Line 7

16 Reverse of Line 8