Points: Anachronisms, things that don’t belong in this each round’s period.

Round 1: 1992.
Assign each pomist one number. Pass one number to the pomist above you alphabetically and one number to the pomist below, the range of numbers should be from 1 to the total number of pomists playing. It can be the same number or a different number. These two pomists are your parents and you’ll disappear if they don’t stay together. So write a katauta to make sure that these two stay together by telling them what they have to look forward to in the future together. Multiple katauta can be strung together as a back and forth between lovers. So you can write as many as you need to within the time limit.

Round 2: 2052.
Rewrite your five year plans from round 3 of Episode 1 using the same words.

Round 3: 1922.
Pass a word that would be used as a password to a speakeasy to the Pomist two above you alphabetically. Pass a drink to the Pomist two below you alphabetically. Use the password as an acrostic, and get into the speakeasy to order the drink that was passed to you.

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