Points: Reactions to the declassifications of these mysteries.

Pregame: Pick a segment from the episodes of Unsolved Mysteries that will serve as the backstory for your FPI agent and is the reason they joined the FPI.

Round 1: Monster of the Day.
Pass one day of the week to the pomist above you alphabetically. Pass an adjective to the pomist below you alphabetically that is alliterative to their day of the week. Combine this adjective and day of the week to create the day that your monster showed up. Write a treochair back to FPI headquarters to describe this monster.

Round 2: The Pome is Under Out There.
Pass one extraterrestrial feature to the pomist two below you alphabetically. This will be one of the defining features of your newly born alien baby. Write a kwansaba with each line being one year of this alien baby’s life as it grows before your very eyes.

Round 3: E.T. Cooper’s Ghost.
As you investigate the case of E.T. Cooper’s ghost (the alien who hijacked a UFO, crash-landed onto Earth, and came back as a ghost), you’re joined by an FBI skeptic. Write a triolet where the first line begins with you asking, “Why” and the second line begins with “Because” as the skeptic tries to rationalize what you see. Add a rhyming couplet (rhyming with either your “a” or “b” rhyme) to the end to get the final say.