Points: Keys to a city.

Round 1: Origin Story.
Pass one noun to the pomist alphabetically below you and an adjective to the pomist before you alphabetically. We had a run in with a radioactive [noun] which turned us into the [adjective] [noun]! Write your origin story using a cinquain, in which you say what your powers are and how you got them. And then add a couplet to the end for your sidekick, whom you will name as well.

Round 2: Arch Nemesis Support.
To craft your supervillain, take the opposites of the noun and adjective you were given. Pass the opposite noun to the pomist alphabetically before you and the opposite adjective to the pomist below. Write the opposite form from round one: start with a couplet, and then 5 lines of 2, 8, 6, 4, 2. Think about what this supervillian’s evil plan is and how their powers (and henchperson) could aid them.

Round 3: Supreme Fight.
Write a rondel supreme to describe the showdown between your superhero and supervillain. Use the refrains of the pome for your hero’s and or villain’s catchphrases.