Points: Animal babies.

Round 1: Rock-a-bisyllabic
Pass one syllable to one pomist and another syllable to another. Combine your two gifted syllables into one bisyllabic babble word and write a sijo that describes what this babble word means.

Round 2: All Fours One, One Fours All.
Roll a four-sided die four times, where 1 – Eat, 2 – Poop, 3 – Sleep, 4 – Cry, and whatever you roll needs to be included on that line of your kouta.

Round 3: The Cento of Defeat.
Each pomist should pass two lines you’ve written from previous rounds to the other pomists. You can choose different lines or give the same ones. Once you’ve received your gifted lines, you will then arrange these eight received lines as you see fit to create a cento about how terrible life is to have everything done for you. You are able to move the words around within each line, but not between lines.