Points: “B” things: things that start with the letter b and could benefit the hive as a whole.

Pregame: Roll a six-sided die to determine your role in the hive: 1 – Queen, 2 – Worker, 3 – Nurse, 4 – Drone, 5 – Builder, 6 – Janitor

Round 1: Who We Bee.
Write an ode to the Queen Bee from the perspective of our position and what we do around the hive. Are you looking for a promotion or do you like your job? If you’re the Queen Bee, you’ll write an Ode to yourself, because there’s no one better than you. At least one of your lines should be a “B-Line,” which is to say that all words in that line begin with a B. And the more B alliteration you have in your pome, the better.

Round 2: A Bee Sees.
Pass a type of flower to the pomist above you in the bee hierarchy. Write a Golden Shovel poem by taking the B-Line from your ode, and use those words in your Golden Shovel poem, one in each line in the same order they appeared. The pome should be about the flower; either traveling to the flower, pollinating the flower, or whatever you feel like. And remember to bee alliterate as much as possible!

Round 3: There Bee Danger!
Write a saraband, which is 7 lines, with either eight or 10 syllables per line, and rhyme scheme of aaabcbc. Keep all of your b words from round 2 and use them in your saraband, though they don’t have to be your end words.

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