Points: Dungeon treasure

Pregame: Determine your race and your alma mater using a d8 and a d6, respectively.


d1 – Gnome (can’t use any words over 5 letters long)
d2 – Elf (use hoity toity words)
d3 – Human (rhyming lines)
d4 – Orc (monosyllabic words only)
d5 – Dwarf (geology words)
d6 – Halfling (can sneak in extra line)
d7 – Dragonborn (use elemental words, pick between fire/ice/lightning/other)
d8 – Tiefling (use curse words)


d1 – Titsmouth
d2 – Lyrical College of Lyrics
d3 – Snyale
d4 – Brewery
d5 – Toothberry
d6 – Bard Community College

Round 1: Open Mic Night.
Write a pome about an epic quest that we’ve heard about and sing the praises of the hero. The hero that you sing about should be in line with your race and maybe they went to your college too. Roll a six-sided die to determine the number of lines of your ode and roll a 10-sided die to determine the number of syllables per line.

Round 2: Dungeon.
Use a Mad Lib to create your group’s quest:
We need to go to place in order to verb the important person of plural noun, while avoiding the adjective traps and the adjective verb-ing monsters. If we succeed, we’ll be awarded with a adjective noun that can verb adverb.

With this quest in mind you all set out on your journey. You don’t get far before everyone sets off a separate trap! Pass a trap to the pomist on your right. Roll another d6 for the number of lines and a d10 for the number of syllables. You’ll either avoid the trap entirely, disarm the trap, or set it off and face its consequences anyways.

Round 3: Dragon.
You’re nearly at the end of your quest, only to have run into the monster from your Mad Lib. Roll initiative to see who gets to act first. Write an exquisite corpse in initiative order to attack the monster, save the princess, and win the day!