Points: Updates to the pomist’s mystery.

Round 1: Ghost at the Grand Lodge.
Pass a hotel activity to the pomist on your left. This activity is what your ghost was doing when they died, maybe it’s their unfinished business? Maybe it’s where you’ll encounter them? Next, roll a d100 die to see how many years ago your ghost died. With all of that in mind, write a six line descort pome about your mysterious ghostly friend.

Round 2: Area 51.
Write a rhupunt about your alien abduction.

Round 3: D.B. Cooper.
Write a triversen which should be like a tip to the FBI from a nosy neighbor, giving helpful (or not so helpful) tips on who D.B. Cooper was. (Things that are known about D.B. Cooper: he was the infamous plane hijacker who in 1971 stole the equivalent of over $1 million before parachuting to safety and into a mysterious end. Things that are supposedly known about D.B. Cooper: he was 5’11”, he was American, and he went missing. But maybe they got all of that wrong?)

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