Points: Next adventures. The mystery gang is always headed somewhere before they get stopped and dragged into another supernatural mystery. So, where are you going to take the Gang after you all solve this mystery?

Pregame: Decide who is who on the Mystery Inc. gang (Fred, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma, and Scooby-Doo) and what mystery you’re trying to solve.
Then, pick what your “Scooby snack” is, which is to say, what food item would you do nearly anything for (like chase a ghost, unmask a haunted suit of armor, or brave the depths of a dirty litter box)?

Round 1: Interview with a Wannabe Vampire.
You’ll be writing a bop in three parts. For the first stanza, you’ll want to sum up what you’ve learned from interviews with victims/witnesses and what one location you think that the Gang should go to next to investigate for clues in seven lines. Your refrain (7th line) should incorporate your “Scooby snack.” This refrain will follow each of your three stanzas so choose it wisely.

Round 2: Let’s Split Up, Gang.
Write the second stanza of your bop in eight lines. Write about any clues that you find that will disprove the existence of the so-called monster as well as which of the townsfolk you suspect based on the evidence that you find. (And don’t forget your Scooby snack refrain.)

Round 3: To Trap a Monster.
Come to a consensus on who the Gang thinks is the monster. Then write the third stanza of your bop, in another six lines, that gives a resolution to your problem. You’ll want to lay out your trap, capture the monster, and unmask them to reveal who the real monster was all along. And don’t forget that refrain!
But something always goes wrong with the Gang’s traps. So after you’ve written three lines pass your third line to the pomist on your right. They will write your fourth line for you (which will be the opposite of your third line), and then pass it back to you. You’ll write the fifth and sixth lines to try and capture the monster and demask the monster.