Points: Alien booty calls.

Pregame: Pull rank: Figure out who’s Captain, Engineer, Translator, Cadet, Doctor, Petty Officer, or Red Shirt. And then disregard all of that, because you’re all Red Shirts.

Round 1: Shore, We’ll Leave.
Write a haiku about the planet you’re taking shore leave on.

Round 2: Try A Tricube.
Write a tricube about an alien meetcute or outer-space dating.

Round 3: To Go Where No Pome Has Gone Before.
Write a pome that alternates between six-syllable and four-syllable lines about getting rid of the pomes menace. The end of 1st line, rhymes with middle of 2nd, and with the beginning of 3rd. The end of the 4th rhymes with the middle of the 5th, and the beginning of the 6th. Etc.