Points: Shiny and/or yummy things you might use to distract the mob.

Round 1: High Time for a Haibun.
Write a standard haibun, focusing on the formation of your mob. Pass a place to the pomist on your right, which is where your mob is set to meet.

Round 2: Tanka and Guns.
Pass a noun for something which has a strong taste, smell or is strange to the touch to the pomist on your left, which they must include in their pome. Write a tanka, with the gifted word as your final word, and then a five-line prose poem themed around this gifted word. Your pome should deal with the mob’s actions. What do they want? What will they do to get it?

Round 3: Mob Bomb
Write a three line prose pome, and then a shadorma in response to it, about how the mob is being dissolved or otherwise being dealt with.