Points: Scientific ingredients you can use to mix together.

Pregame: Create a pome hypothesis: IF [blank], THEN [blank], BECAUSE [blank]. For example, “If we write pomes using black ink, then the pomes will be funnier, because blue ink makes me sad.”

Round 1: Pome experiment 1: Malapropism.
Write a five line rhyming poem, using ababc, that 1) includes a malapropism, 2) tests your hypothesis from the pregame, and 3) will includes a sciencey word given to you by your “lab partner” (the pomist on your left).

Round 2: Pome experiment 2: Similies.
Write a six line ode that 1) includes a simile, 2) continues to test your hypothesis, and 3) the theme for this ode will be a science device that starts with the last letter of the name of your favorite pet (or family member).

Round 3: Pome theory.
Write an elevenie to sum up your discovery from your experiments.

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