Points: Rescued woodland creatures.

Pregame: Create a new color and give it an interesting name.

Round 1: The Sky’s the Litmus.
Pass your pregame color to the pomist on your right. Take this gifted color and your pregame color and mix them together. This is the color of your sky. Describe the sky of your painting by writing two stanzas of an ae freislighe.

Round 2: Big Decisions and Little Accidents.
Write down an object that you would come across in nature, which will be the focus of the painting. Pass this object to the pomist on your left and write a shadorma pome that describes how this object you didn’t plan for actually does fit into your little painted world.

Round 3: A happy little pome.
Write an ekphrastic pome describing your finished painting, from the sky, to the big decision, to the surrounding scenery. But as an added wrinkle, you’ve run out of paint! Include in your pome what you used to substitute out the paint you were using. And imagine all the woodland creatures we’ve rescued are around you, living in your painting.