Points: TV awards.

Pregame: Create an episode synopsis where each of the pomists are characters on the show. You can use this Mad Lib-esque form as a start:
Pomist 1 is emotion when they verb a adjective proper noun (Pomist 2), but when Pomist 2 takes Pomist 1 to their relationship‘s (Pomist 3) place for event Pomist 1 verbs at Pomist 2 with their relationship. Pomist 2 couldn’t be more emotion. To help, Pomist 3 has to adverb verb. Meanwhile, Pomist 3‘s relationship Pomist 4 and a adjective relationship Pomist 5 verb plural nouns of themselves at the event verb-ing the proper noun.

Round 1: A story B story C Story…
Write a five line pome, one for each beat in a sitcom. First line is to introduce yourself and your goal for the episode. Line two will be your plan to reach your goal. The third line is where a complication comes in, in the form of another pomist’s character. In the fourth line you’ll either succeed or fail in your goal. And the fifth line is everything returning to normalcy because sitcom characters don’t change.

Round 2: Imayo-pinion…
Pick a word from your Round 1 pome and pass it to another pomist. They will change it to a rhymed word and pass it back. (For example, if your word is “brick,” another pomist might give you “slick” in return.) All together you’ll end up with four words, the word you picked, the rhymed word returned to you, the word you were given to change, and the word that you changed and gave back.
You’ll write an imayo that includes all four of these words and use the pause in each line for “studio audience” reactions from the other pomists (in “oohs” or “aahs” or “hahas,” etc.).

Round 3: Re-run-united
Write a mondo to answer what your characters have been doing since your show was canceled.

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