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Points: Red hot date scenarios for that pomist and their lovely love on Valentine’s Day.

Pregame: Pick a fetish, which you will subtly allude to in each of your pomes.

Round 1: Meet Cute Kimo.
Exchange a place with another pomist. Write a kimo about meeting a cute someone at this place.

Round 2: Tunnel Vision of Love.
Write six lines with the rhyme scheme of ababab, with seven words in each line, and the fourth word of each is “love.” So at the end you will have one long, tall, delicious pome, with love running down the middle of the tunnel. This pome will be about a “tunnel of love” experience, which is to say something that couples do in the dark that they can’t do in public.

Round 3: Nothing Ode about My Fetish.
Write an ode, not to any one person, but to your fetish(es).