Points: Evidence against the poet which they believe proves that pomist committed this murder, which can be found on the boat.

Round 1: DON’T LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT____.
Pass the pomist to your left an accusation with them taking a suspicious action in a specific location on this boat. For example, maybe you saw them eating an eclair in the engine room. Respond to what you’re accused of in an eight line poem with a rhyme scheme of aabbaacc that not only denies and gives an alibi, but also accuses your accuser of something even worse!

Round 2: A Second Victim.
Find half of a clue, and another pomist will add on to it. (For example, if you find a tennis shoe, the other pomist might inform you that it is size 10). Write a dodoitsu to tell everyone how your clue points to someone different than your suspect from your round one pome.

Round 3: A Third Victim.
Write a nine line free verse poem, made of three three-line stanzas. Each stanza will reconstruct one of the three murders. In each stanza, you must use a word which rhymes with your primary suspect, at least once.

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