Points: Body parts.

Trick or Treat: Before writing each pome flip a coin. Heads will be a treat and Tails will be a trick.
Treat: Each other pomist will give you a word and you’ll have to use all of them in your pome.
Tricks: 1st instance of Tails – TP (your pome must end rhyme); 2nd Tails – Egged (include “egg” in every line); 3rd Tails – Bag of Poo (pome needs to include three words that start with a “p,” an “o,” and an “o” in a row).

Round 1: Friend or Phobia.
Pass a Halloween-related word to the pomist on your right. Add -phobia to your gifted word to create a new phobia. Write an epitaph for someone that died from this phobia.

Round 2: Back 4 More.
Write a monotetra about the monstrously ironic form you’ve come back as based on your phobia from Round 1 to finished some unfinished business you have.

Round 3: Pome of the Rising Sun.
Write a diminishing verse pome to say goodbye to all of the things you’re leaving behind.