Points: Prison sentences.

Pregame: Pick your heist role: Inside Man, Muscle, Driver, Hacker, Looks.

Round 1: Casing the Joint.
Write a cinquain about how you’re casing the bank from the viewpoint of your heist role.

Round 2: Jointing the Case.
The pomist to your right will give you a crime that the two of you previously committed together. Write a somonka between the two of you about this crime.

Round 3: General Robbery Lee.
Write nine free verse lines about this bank heist from your role’s perspective. After one minute of writing, a complication happens (see below). After three minutes another complication happens. Incorporate these complications into your pome and keep writing.

One minute complications:
The guard is packing heat, literally!
Your IBS kicks in.
Someone you know is at the bank.
You forgot one of your heist items.
The safe can’t be cracked.

Three minute complications:
The silent alarm goes off….silently.
A hostage escapes.
There’s no money in the safe.
The getaway car is gone.
A dye pack explodes.

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