Points: Sacrifices.

Round 1: A Mini-Tour of Monsters.
Write down an animal-related adjective (like scaly, feathery, wet) and pass it to the pomist on your right. Write down an animal which best represents that word and an animal that least resembles that word. Keep the original animal, but pass the least resembling animal to the pomist on your left.
Using your original animal and your gifted animal, write a mythical origin story pome of a monster that combines the two of them in six lines with six words in each line. It should be a creature so terrible that you had to hide it in a labyrinth.

Round 2: Wait! Don’t Go Down that Corner!
Gift a trap to the pomist on your right. Write a five line pome describing the trap using every sense except sight with one sense per line. The fifth line is the trap gifted to you by the other pomist. Don’t say this trap out loud until you’re reading your pome.

Round 3: Escape from New Labyrinth!
Write a six line poem about how you escaped the labyrinth, with two lines for how you evaded the trap from Round 2, two for how you defeated the monster from Round 1, and two for how your invention which got you closer and closer–so close to freedom and then … totally failed, like Daedalus and his son Icarus.