Points: Tarot cards, either in upright or reverse position.

Round 1: The Dreamer.
Write a four-line free verse poem about a recent dream you had. Afterwards, write one question that this dream brings up for you.

Round 2: The H’art of the Cards.
Pass a noun to pomist on your left, which will be the title of the card you “drew” from the tarot deck. Write about the artwork of the card using an ekphrasis poem.

Round 3: The Tarot from Beyond.
Pass an adjective to pomist on your right. This gifted adjective must be at the end of one of your lines. Write a five line poem with rhyme scheme abcba. Ask your question from Round 1 to another pomist. If you have more reverse tarot card points they’ll read their pome in reverse; if you have more upright, they’ll read it regularly.

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