Points: Inappropriate kid’s birthday party favors.

Pregame: What’s your magician’s day job?

Round 1: A Card Trick.
Pick one of the cards you would find in a deck of cards (e.g. Queen of Spades, 2 of Hearts, etc.). After you’ve got your card picked out, the person alphabetically below you will tell you what card they actually drew. You’ll write a pome explaining how your chosen card turns out to actually be the drawn card. Write a free verse pome with the first line being your card and the last line being the card from the other pomist. You’ll connect the lines as best you can in as many lines or syllables as you need. (And remember to include your day job.)

Round 2: Abacadaba!
Write a Magic 9 pome, which is a nine-line poem that follows the rhyme scheme of abacadaba. Whoops, after saying the magic word, that rabbit has been changed! The pomist alphabetically below you will tell you what animal or thing you’re actually pulling out from your hat.

Ok, now write an abacadaba pome describing your trick. Whoops, I said it again. Now your hat’s changed! The pomist alphabetically above you will give you an article of clothing you’ll be pulling out your animal from. (Don’t forget your day job!)

Round 3: The Rainbow Infinity Scarf.
Write skeltonic verse, in which you will rhyme the ends of your lines with colors until you can’t rhyme anymore, then switch your color rhyming word. Your starting color should be whatever color is closest to your day job.