Points: Gas station souvenirs.

Round 1: The Road Trip Begins.
Pass one location to the pomist above you alphabetically and one the pomist below you to give a road map for your road trip. Write a 10-line duplex poem, which is a form composed of couplets, wherein the first line of the subsequent couplet mirrors the previous line and the second line of the couplet introduces a new idea or image. Also, the first and last line of the duplex mirror each other.

Round 2: A Quick Detour.
Pass a superlative adjective to the pomist below you alphabetically and a noun the one above you, to create a road trip pit stop/tourist trap (e.g. the world’s rubberiest pizza). Write a chueh-chu about this tourist trap/pit stop.

Round 3: Post-trip Postcard.
Write a Waltmarie, which is 10 lines and the even lines are only 2 syllables, while odd lines are longer (but don’t have a specific syllable count), and the even lines can be read separately to make their own mini-poem. The even-line mini-poem will take inspiration from the mini-bar of the hotel you’re writing the postcard in.