Points: Circus food.

Round 1: The Center Ring – Daredevils.
Write a flamenca about being a daredevil. Pass one action to the pomist to your left, which will be their main act of daring. Then pass an action to the pomist to your right which will serve as one devilish thing that they can’t do. (So you might pass the action of being the guy in the metal ball who rides his motorcycle around while it’s on fire, and pass the action of not being able to pee–both daring and devilish.)

Round 2: The Left Ring – Freaks.
Pass one adjective to the pomist on your right and one occupation to the pomist on your left. Write a two stanza seadna about out how people think you’re a freak, but you don’t think you are.

Round 3: The Right Ring – The Great Zelazny.
Write a tricube to leave your audience stunned and amazed with great acts that must be seen to be believed! Give them visuals that paint a picture of a grand finale as the red and white striped tent flies up, up, up into the air.