Points: Mulligans.

Round 1: CYOP 1 – The Mine shaft.
In a mine shaft, there are numerous choices to make. Left or right? Minecart or rope bridge?
Left – Minecart – Brakes – Stop at a mine shaft -> Write a five line limerick about mining an object (given by another pomist).
Left – Minecraft – Continue – hit dead end -> Write a five line ababa pome about your fear of a creature (given by another pomist).
Left – boat – ashore – cavern -> Write five lines of an echo poem.
Left – boat – continue – waterfall -> Write a five line poem aaaaa as you think of regrets plummet to possible death.
Right – Bridge – bungee jump – lava -> Write six lines as a abccba palindromic poem about dream you had.
Right – bridge – cross – meet native cave people -> Write six lines about meeting cave people in their made up language.
Right – rope ladder – climb up -> Write six lines with a growing word count in each line as you climb to the surface.
Right – rope ladder – climb down -> Write six lines with a shrinking word count as you descend to center of the Earth.

Round 2: CYOP 2 – Lost Lagoon.
Up – Stern – Poopdeck -> Write a limerick about life as a pirate sailor or pirate prisoner (given a name by fellow pomist).
Up – Stern – Bow -> Write a five line ababa pome with a nautical theme (given by another pomist, e.g. sea creatures, port towns, sexy pirates).
Up – Bow – Captain’s Wheel -> There’s a message in the bottle tied to the captain’s wheel, so you try to break it open, which takes some time underwater, but finally you do it. Write a haiku of whatever is written on that message in that bottle.
Up – Bow – Poopdeck -> Swim into the hole in the poop deck, following the glow of intrigue, write a four line abaa pome in iambic pentameter to describe the miraculous treasures you have found (treasure theme is provided in one word by a fellow pomist).
Down – In Front – Crack in the Hull -> What’s that say, dan–ger ? Dan…ger. Danger! Oh no! Suddenly, tentacles shoot out from the darkness, wrap around our arms and legs and yank you into the sunken ship! Write a limerick of this event full of innuendo, you know what kind.
Down – In Front – Poop deck -> You swim onto the poop deck and are met by four other divers in suits of similar sizes to yours, only in styles a hundred years before. As we mutually wipe each other’s helmets clear, we see that they’re identical to us. Write two haiku, one as your current self, one as your 100 year ago self.
Down – Behind – Piss Yourself -> Write six lines with a growing word count as pee fills your diving suit up to your eyeballs and you try to swim away (line 1: one word; line 6: six words).
Down – Behind – Shit Yourself -> Some say cradle to the grave, I say from the diaper to Depends, our whole adult lives were a lie, incontinence is truth. Write with confidence in your humiliation as you are swallowed by a mouth: six lines with a shrinking word as you are digested (line 1: 6 words; line 6: 1 word).

Round 3: CYOP 3 – The Mad Man’s Lab
Door – Bunsen – (contents) -> (Contents received from a pomist) Write an acrostic of the word you received; describe the sensations in your hands, nose, ears, eyes and mouth as you take this glorious plunge.
Door – Bang – Huddle -> Write a two-round exquisite corpse about this new lifestyle being a blob.
Door – Bang – Attack -> Write an ababa pome, each line under seven syllables, describing this dream but don’t forget, there’s tentacles crawling on your sleeping body.
Window – Panic – Reason -> Write an exquisite corpse Q&A pome.
Window – Panic – Tug of War -> Write six lines of free verse using as much onomatopoeia and/or alliteration as possible as you squish and squelch through town.
Window – Stay Still – Vat of Green Goo -> Write an abstract pome in a language resembling Latin and/or a malfunctioning radio and/or (language theme to be received from other poet) in four lines aaab.
Window – Stay Still – Pile of Body Parts -> Write a haiku sales pitch as to why this jelly monster is to like your body part best.

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