Points: Rhymed objects (e.g. one bun, two shoes, twenty bunnies, four score doors, etc.)

Round 1: Step-brother Goose.
Think of a well-known nursery rhyme and try to imitate its meter and style, but put your own modern twist on it. This new pome will be like a step-brother to the old one.

Round 2: The Dish and the Spoonerism.
Give the pomist to your right one word from your nursery rhyme from round one with which to make your spoonerism. (Note: a spoonerism is a verbal error in which the initial letters or sounds of two words are swapped for humorous effect. For example, you hissed the mystery lectures, instead of you missed the history lectures.) Take this word and add another of your own to create a spoonerism. This will be the title of your pome.
Write a six line pome using a rhyme scheme of aabccb to write a nursery rhyme inspired by your spoonerism.

Round 3: Pig Out!
Take on the role of one of the five little piggies. Write a five line pome describing your relationship with your other piggie siblings, one for each of the piggies. The first line’s for the first little piggie, the second for the second little piggie, and so on.